April 1, 2014
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Alan Franciscus



I hope this finds you well.  This month’s newsletter has a lot of information about hepatitis C, and Christine Kukka continues to update us all on the news items about hepatitis B.  I hope you find the content referenced in the Eblast helpful in your understanding of hepatitis C and B.  We encourage our website viewers (and others) to let us know how we are doing, and if there is any information or resources that would be helpful to you—email me at alanfranciscus@hcvadvocate.org if you have any comments or suggestions for content.


Alan and the staff of HCV Advocate


Do you want to stay up to date on the latest news about hepatitis C? Visit our HCV Advocate Blog for information about hepatitis C from around the world. The pipeline is also included in our blog that provides up-to-date information about the latest clinical trials and links to more information about specific trials.


1. HCV Advocate Newsletter: April 2014

In This Issue:

  • CROI: 2014
    Alan Franciscus, Editor-in-Chief—CROI was filled with interesting HCV treatment information. How about this to pique your interest? There is an on-going interferon- and ribavirin-free study that is evaluating a 4-week treatment duration! This and other drug development news is examined from CROI.

  • HEALTHWISE: Hepatitis C, Harm Reduction, and Health
    Lucinda K. Porter, RN
    —In this month's article Lucinda explores ways to become healthy that involve the harm reduction model.

  • Snapshots
    Lucinda K. Porter, RN—This month's column, Lucinda discusses the latest prevalence study, fibrosis progression in people with HIV/HCV, sleep disturbances, and HCV and heart disease.



2. HBV Journal Review: April 1, 2014, Vol 11, no 4, by Christine Kukka

In this month's column Chris reviews the following studies that will help you understand the complexities of hepatitis B, including vitamin D and liver cancer, the effect of HBV genotype on treatment, acute to chronic infection and much more:

  • Despite Antiviral Treatment, Liver Cancer Risk Persists
  • Vitamin D Appears to Help Prevent Liver Cancer
  • Dandelions May Be the Next Best Herbal Treatment for Hepatitis B
  • Kidney Problems Are Prevalent with Hepatitis B Even Before Treatment Starts
  • HBV Genotype H Appears to Cause Immediate Chronic Infection in Adults
  • HBV Genotype E Has the Worst Response to Pegylated Interferon
  • Cancer-Causing YMDD Mutations Found Frequently in HBV Genotype C
  • High Iron Levels Found in Patients with Liver Failure
  • Vietnamese-Americans at High Risk of Undiagnosed Hepatitis B and C
  • Entecavir Performance Is Mediocre in Lamivudine-Resistant Patients
  • A Simple Platelet Count Test Could Be Best Indicator of Fibrosis



3. HCV Advocate News & Pipeline Blog!
Be sure to check out the latest clinical trial postings (Updated March 21, 2014) at the HCV Advocate News & Pipeline Blog. Just click on the links to the Drug Companies below the banner to see which drugs are in trials right now, where the trials are, and how to register for one.


4. Need Help?!
Call 877-HELP-4-HEP line (877-435-7443). The helpline is open from 9:00am to 7:00pm Eastern Time.




Alan Franciscus
Executive Director, Hepatitis C Support Project
Editor-in-Chief, HCV Advocate www.hcvadvocate.org
Editor-in-Chief, HBV Advocate www.hbvadvocate.org

**Questions and Comments: Questions and/or comments can be directed to alanfranciscus@hcvadvocate.org

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