August 1, 2011
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The activities prior to and during World Hepatitis Day signaled a shift in the awareness of viral hepatitis.  The activities included local, state, national and even global observances, such as ceremonies from the World Health Organization, the White House event and proclamation from President Obama, and the Tune in to Hep C benefit concert headlined by the Greg Allman Band with special guests Natalie Cole, Graham Nash, David Crosby, Grateful Dead’s Phil Lesh and ZZ Top’s Billy Gibbons.  But back at our office we have been busy writing and posting many new HBV and HCV articles, fact sheets and Guides.  This week’s E-blast features the following newly posted items: 


HCV Advocate August 2001
In This Issue:

World Hep Day
Read President Barack Obama's Proclamation
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World Hepatitis Alliance Warns that Stigma is a Major Threat to New Initiative Against Hepatitis Epidemic
Patient community calls on governments to do more to reduce stigma as World Hepatitis Day receives official WHO endorsement for the first time.
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New: HCV Advocate and Hepatitis Tattoo Webcards


Professional artists say ‘kitchen magicians’ wreaking havoc on tattoo community


HBV Journal Review by Christine Chukka
In this month’s journal:

  • Most HBeAg-Negative Patients with Normal ALTs and High Viral Loads Have Fibrosis

  • Pregnant Women Infected with Hepatitis Face More Risks during Delivery

  • Antiviral Telbivudine Safe in Preventing Mother-to-Child HBV Infection

  • What Happens if a Newborn’s Parents Refuse the Hepatitis B Vaccine?

  • Researchers Document the Spread of Hepatitis B Following Explosion

  • Hepatitis A and B Vaccinations of People with Liver Disease and Diabetes Far Below Recommendations





Alan Franciscus
Executive Director, Hepatitis C Support Project
Editor-in-Chief, HCV Advocate
Editor-in-Chief, HBV Advocate


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