February 13, 2014
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Alan Franciscus


We are pleased to announce the launch of the updated and revised HCV lessons that were developed in collaboration with Vertex Pharmaceuticals.  These were originally launched a couple of years ago.  HCSP recently updated the information and reformatted them into separate documents for ease of use.  These are great tools for educating yourself, your peers, support group members, clients or anyone interested in understanding the entire spectrum of hepatitis C.

Each lesson contains important facts, discussion topics, self-help strategies, and resources for additional information and support. 

We will be launching the lessons throughout the year so please check back for more lessons in the future.





1. Hepatitis C Support Group Lessons

  • Lesson 1: What Is Hepatitis C, How Does It Spread and What Are the Symptoms?—Provides basic information on how hepatitis C is transmitted and how to prevent transmission.

  • Lesson 2: Monitoring and Watching Hepatitis C—Information about what damages the liver, HCV disease progression, and staying healthy.

  • Lesson 3: The Stigma of Hepatitis C: Bias and Prejudice— Hepatitis C is a highly stigmatized condition. This section gives people information and tools to deal with stigma and how to move beyond it for improving their emotional and physical health.

  • Lesson 4: Telling Others You Have Hepatitis C—This is one of the most difficult issues people with hepatitis C face almost every day, but especially after being diagnosed. This lesson gives suggestions on dealing with telling others.


2. HCV Advocate News & Pipeline Blog!
Be sure to check out the latest clinical trial postings (Updated February 12, 2014) at the HCV Advocate News & Pipeline Blog. Just click on the links to the Drug Companies below the banner to see which drugs are in trials right now, where the trials are, and how to register for one.



3. Need Help?!
Call 877-HELP-4-HEP line (877-435-7443). The helpline is open from 9:00am to 7:00pm Eastern Time.




Alan Franciscus
Executive Director, Hepatitis C Support Project
Editor-in-Chief, HCV Advocate www.hcvadvocate.org
Editor-in-Chief, HBV Advocate www.hbvadvocate.org

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