February 20, 2012
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In this week's Eblast we offer the following new postings:

Hepatitis C:

  • NeedyMeds Drug Discount Card: NeedyMeds.org and HCV Advocate have partnered to provide a discount drug card that will help with prescription medications and over-the-counter medications (prescribed by your physician). Please read about this service for yourself and/or your clients.   Click here

  • New HCSP Factsheet Design: Check out our new HCSP Fact Sheet design. There will be more as we retro-format the fact sheets that we have already updated in 2012 and we will re-format the others as they are updated. Click here

  • Brad's Story: Brad shares his story of his struggle with HCV and how he fought for care, management and treatment of HCV inside prison. Click here

  • Top 10 HepC Downloads: Find out and read what others are reading on our Website from the HCV Drug Pipeline to Pruritus. Click here


Hepatitis B:

  • Top 10 HepB Downloads: This month's top ten downloads includes information on HBV diagnostic tests to management and treatment of chronic hepatitis B. Click here


Hepatitis and Tattoos:

  • Be sure to check out our Hepatitistattoos.org Website blog to read about the new story on the risk of hepatitis C transmission and tattoos—safe or unsafe in any setting? Click here

HBV and HCV Blog:
Read about the latest and greatest in the news






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