June 1, 2011
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This has been a very busy month in hepatitis C and at the HCV Advocate Web site!  In this month’s issue of the HCV Advocate newsletter we provide information about the newly approved HCV protease inhibitor combinations, nutritional information, and in the HCV Snapshots we provide an interesting mix of news about hepatitis C. 

Note:  We have updated about 80 fact sheets and guides with the newest information about the HCV protease inhibitors.

The good news this month was that the FDA approved the new drugs.  The bad news is the price—read the letter from the HCV Fair Pricing Coalition (a group composed of various non-profits that work in HCV) in our blog—this and other recently news is featured in our blog.     

HBV Journal Review
In this month’s HBV Journal Review, Chris writes about various interesting news items including:

  • Breastfeeding Does Not Increase Risk of Hepatitis B Transmission to Infants
  • Pregnant Women at Risk of Liver Failure Benefit from Antiviral Treatment
  • Transplanted Stem Cells Successfully Regenerate Liver Tissue
  • HBeAg-Negative Hepatitis B Increases Risk of Cancer Recurrence after Surgery, and
  • Shockingly—6% of Health Care Providers Re-Use Equipment and Put Patients at Risk of Blood-Borne Infections

…………………plus more news stories about HBV

3. Bad Blood Documentary – click through to find out where this interesting documentary is showing. 






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