June 1, 2010
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As you probably have heard, top-line results from Vertex’s clinical trials of telaprevir, pegylated interferon plus ribavirin were released last week.  In people with HCV genotype 1 who had never been treated an SVR of 75% was reported.  Probably, equally as impressive as the efficacy of the telaprevir triple therapy was that people were only treated for 24 weeks instead of the standard duration of 48 for pegylated interferon plus ribavirin.  Stay tuned for more information when it becomes available.

This week’s postings include the June HCV Advocate newsletter.  Articles in this month’s Advocate include a short review of the recent Washington DC rally—This is hepatitis!  Additional articles include an overview of the HCV protease data that was presented at EASL written by Liz Highleyman.  I wrote some editorial comments about the data as a different take on what we usually report on—I would be interested in hearing from our readers on what they thought of this different approach.  Lucinda K. Porter’s HealthWise column discusses the most common symptoms of HCV—fatigue, and finally Jacques Chambers outlines the changes that will take place in 2010 as a result of the Healthcare Reform Act.

We also have included some HCSP Fact Sheets that have been updated as well as our weekly news review.

Turning to the HBV Advocate, we have just posted our monthly HBV Journal Review which contains some interesting articles on HBV including how some HBV genotypes have naturally-occurring antiviral drug resistance properties, an explanation of why men have higher rates of liver cancer than women, and data from a study which found that treatment of chronic HBV with direct antivirals may be a life-long treatment for most —and many more interesting and important studies. 





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