May 10, 2010
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Dear HCV Advocate Subscriber:

May is Viral Hepatitis Month and there are a lot of events where you can show your support. One of the most important issues we can support is access to investigational medications for those who are most in need.  These new drugs could potentially save many lives, and I urge you to contact the Food and Drug Administration (FDA)—see below:

Important Information about commenting on potentially life-saving HCV medications.
The FDA has asked for public comments on “Expanded Access to Direct-Acting Antiviral Agents for Hepatitis C in Patients with Unmet Medical Need.”  Expanded access could make these drugs available before they are fully approved, provided that clinical trials show them to be safe and effective.  Go to  and search on FDA–2010–N–0107. Click on “Public Hearing; Request for Comments” for details. You can post comments at the FDA website (click on the “Submit Comment” link at near the top of th e page), upload a document, or send written comments in the mail.  The public hearing took place on April 30.  Written comments will be accepted until June 25.

Another equally important advocacy issue is to support the Viral Hepatitis Rally in Washington D.C. on May 19, 2010.  Let the government know that the time to fund viral hepatitis is NOW.  Click here to find out how you can lend your support.

We have also posted updated fact sheets and a listing of new HBV and HCV training workshops to our HBV and HCV Advocate Web sites. 




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Alan Franciscus
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Editor-in-Chief, HCV Advocate
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