May 12, 2014
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Alan Franciscus

Dear Advocators:

As mentioned last week we are doing some Spring cleaning such as revising the front page and we have also added a new feature to our Website—Basics Blog.

Cheers, Alan


There are three new "clickable" buttons.

1. Breaking News:

The “Breaking News” button leads to our HCV news blog that contains the latest news about hepatitis C as well as our HCV Drug Pipeline.

2. Newly Diagnosed:

The “Newly Diagnosed” button links to our webpage that has information for those who are—you guessed it—newly diagnosed.

3. Need Basic Info:

The “Need Basic Info” button leads to a new blog that we have launched to provide basic information for those who are new to hepatitis C or for people who just want to refresh and update their basic knowledge. This is a perfect companion to our Newly Diagnosed Page. At the end of the new blog we have a link to a new HepQuiz for those who want to play a fun and interactive game about the basics of hepatitis C. Check it out!

We would love to have audience feedback. Feel free to email me at




Alan Franciscus
Executive Director, Hepatitis C Support Project
Editor-in-Chief, HCV Advocate
Editor-in-Chief, HBV Advocate

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