Janetta Astone-Twerell, Ph.D.

Janetta Astone-Twerell, Ph.D. received her doctorate in social psychology from the Graduate Center of the City University of New York in 1993. Dr. Astone is a Co-Investigator and Project Director for the “Staff Training Optimizes Practices for Hepatitis C Project” (STOP HEP C Project), funded through NIDA. Dr. Astone has worked as a Project Director on the HCV Services Innovations in Drug Treatment Programs project, Project Support and Project WORTH within the Institute for Treatment and Services Research at NDRI since 1997, and participated in the Behavioral Sciences Training Pre-and Post-Doctoral Fellowship Programs. Her areas of research interest include organizational level research on hepatitis C services delivered by drug treatment programs, Hepatitis C training, faith organizations and HIV service delivery, health literacy, and intervention development and evaluation for staff and clients of drug treatment programs.