Jose Azocar, MD


Dr. Azócar obtained his MD from the Central University Medical School in Caracas Venezuela, and his MSc and a Doctorate in Science from Harvard University. He did his postdoctoral training in oncology and hematology at Boston and Brown universities.
Dr. Azócar is currently Medical Director at Northgate Medical, Springfield MA. He has served at various other hospitals as a primary care and internal medicine physician.


Clinical Research SITE: Principal Investigator
  1. Therapeutic Vaccine for HIV Clinical Trial (Phase III REMUNE). Immuno Research Corporation and Northgate Medical, Springfield, MA (1996-1999)
  2. Wings. Pegasys/HCV/Roche: 2001- present
  3. Takeda/ Actos: 2001- present
  4. HCV/Recap/ Sherring: 2000-present
  5. Clinical Research SITE: Associated Investigator: Community Research Initiative of New England
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