Peter Hauser, MD

Dr. Hauser is Associate Director of the Northwest Hepatitis C Resource Center (NW HCRC), an active member of the VISN 20 Hepatitis C Committee and a member of the National VA Committees. Dr. Hauser has extensive clinical and research experiences in the area of mental health issues in hepatitis C patients, including psychiatric comorbidity, the incidence and treatment of interferon-induced depression, and quality of life during interferon therapy.

He was recently awarded a VA Merit Review to examine prophylactic antidepressant treatment during interferon therapy to help manage the neuropsychiatric side effects of interferon therapy, particularly interferon-induced depression.

As Associate Director of the NW HCRC, Dr. Hauser facilitates the integration of mental health services into various aspects of hepatitis C prevention, education and treatment throughout the center. Prior to coming to the Portland VA, Dr. Hauser was at the Baltimore VAMC where he was Director of the Mental Health Research Program. Prior to the Baltimore VA, Dr. Hauser spent 6 years as a clinical researcher at the National Institutes of Health.

Other areas of research include mood disorders, ADHD, and psychotic disorders. He is author of 4 book chapters and 40 publications in peer-reviewed journals.