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  Living with Hepatitis C | Training Resources

Hepatitis C


This site includes links to files you can view online or print. To download and print information, you will need the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader. Download it free.


Хепатит С: Лист факти



PDF 酒精
(Easy C: Alcohol) October 2014

PDF 什麼是肝硬化?
(Easy C: What is Cirrhosis?) October 2014

PDF 感覺疲累
(Easy C: Feeling Tired) October 2014

PDF 中藥和維他命
(Easy C: Herbs & Vitamins) October 2014

PDF 什麼是C型肝炎的基因型?
(Easy C: What Is an HCV Genotype?) October 2014

PDF C型肝炎抗體檢驗
(Easy C: Antibody Tests)

PDF 肝臟
(Easy C: The Liver)

PDF 什麼是C型肝炎?
(Easy C: What Is Hepatitis C)

PDF 有關藥物治療?
(Easy C: What about Treatment?)

PDF 病毒量檢驗
(Easy C: Viral Load Test)

PDF 丙型肝炎
(Frequently Asked Questions about Hepatitis C)

PDF 了解肝脏活组织
(FAQ: What Is a Liver Biopsy)



PDF Informations de Base Sur VHC




PDF To taub txog txoj kev siv koob hno lub siab muab nqaij los kuaj
(FAQ: What Is a Liver Biopsy?)



PDF C형 간염
(Frequently Asked Questions about Hepatitis C)


RUSSIAN (Updated November 2012)

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PDF Fahmidda beerka la soo jarayo
(FAQ: What Is a Liver Biopsy? )

PDF FAQ: Caaarshowga C
(Frequently Asked Questions about Hepatitis C)

PDF FAQ: Caaarshowga C (English Text)
(Frequently Asked Questions about Hepatitis C)



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