Best Synthetic Urine Kits To Pass A Drug Test [2022]


Best Synthetic Urine Kits To Pass A Drug Test [2022]

When you apply for a job, you will almost certainly be subjected to drug testing. If you fail, it will cast a long shadow over your career and eliminate your prospects of getting a decent position with a respectable firm or government agency. It seems unjust if you are disqualified for a job only because you loved cannabis products occasionally or used it for a health condition. So, what are your options?

The majority of drug tests now rely on a urine sample. So, the best chance you have of passing the test is to use fake pee rather than your own urine. The first thing that comes to mind when we say this is that you should ask for someone else’s pee. However, this is not only repulsive, but it might also get you in trouble. That technique is not simple to pull off. Hence, there are many brands that sell artificially manufactured synthetic urine.

If you’re new to the notion of synthetic urine, you’re probably not sure if it’ll work or which product will do the trick without getting you caught red-handed. So, you’ll need some assistance to ensure that your fake urine drug test goes well. Here you can find best synthetic urine.

Our Picks For Top 5 Synthetic Urine Kits

There are now some of the finest synthetic urine kits available on the market that may be used properly for a drug test. If you opt to use artificial pee, here is a list of some of the top synthetic urine brands that we recommend:

#1. Test Clear Powdered Kit – Overall Best Synthetic Urine Kit On The Market, Editor’s Pick 

Test Clear is a well-known brand that has been around for quite some time. If you’re searching for a reliable brand, look no further! Their two primary assertions set them apart from the rest of the industry: 

Their first argument is that the product is dehydrated pee, which means it isn’t technically a “fake” or “synthetic” product. The product has never failed throughout its history, according to the second claim.


The fact that Test Clear claims to deliver powdered pee derived from actual human urine is the first thing that jumps out about this kit. This implies it contains all of the components present in actual urine, such as chloride, dissolved ions, creatinine, potassium, sodium, and urea. As a consequence, consumers are consistently impressed by powdered urine’s accuracy.

By using heating pads to assist the urine to reach the correct temperature, Test Clear enhances your chances of getting a negative result. The high-quality heating pads are stretchy enough to coil around and secure the synthetic urine vial. Before testing, let the pads out for at least an hour to obtain the proper temperature. 

Once you’ve mixed the powdered urine and the temperature strip, you may use it to check the temperature. It detects the temperature with pinpoint accuracy, allowing you to determine the quantity of heat required.


  • It has a fantastic track record
  • It comes with a convenient temperature strip that attaches to the transport vial immediately
  • The success rate of powdered urine is astounding
  • It is significantly less expensive than other brands
  • The box includes highly thorough instructions, as well as for instructions available online


  • It’s difficult to get the powdered urine just right
  • Because you must prepare the sample ahead of time, it is not suitable for surprise drug testing
  • Even before you add the water, it smells a lot like pee

Customer Feedback

Test Clear products are known for being under-the-radar, which is probably how the brand likes it. However, finding Test Clear kit reviews is difficult. The ones we discovered stated that their product was essentially reliable as long as it was used correctly.

Many buyers complained that the vial that came with the kit was too tiny, while others complained about the scent, both of which are minor concerns that you shouldn’t be bothered about.

=> Click here to visit the official website of Test Clear Powdered Kit

#2. Sub Solution – Most Used Powdered Toxin Free Fake Urine

Clear Choice has a great track record of helping cannabis smokers pass drug tests all throughout the country, thanks in part to the unique manner they create their formula. It has a number of benefits, including longer shelf life and a fresher sample to hand in if mixed on the day of the test.

Their powdered urine isn’t terrible either because it’s sophisticated enough to pass laboratory testing and has enough color and consistency to deceive most examiners. The only caveat is that this requires some preparation before usage, so make sure you can smuggle this into your workplace or testing location without being discovered.


Sub Solution understands the importance of passing a urine test, which is why its composition is foolproof and undetectable. Aside from the 11 distinct components in this fast fix pee, it also contains creatinine, which is an important component of regular urine.

You’ll easily pass a drug test if you use Sub Solution pee since it has the proper specific gravity and pH. Sub Solution also includes a handy heat source for warming your urine samples. With Sub Solution fake urine, you can test anywhere, at any time.


  • Because of the powdered urine form, it has a long shelf life
  • During preparation, there is a lower risk of contamination
  • When compared to other synthetic samples, it will always remain fresh
  • A temperature strip is included
  • Unisex
  • Premixed
  • Great customer policies


  • Pricey and tough to obtain
  • Many versions on the market may not accurately duplicate the quantities of uric acid required for more advanced tests
  • Some types of storage may make powdered urine unworkable

Customer Feedback

Sub Solution is made by a company that has spent years perfecting their recipe to beat urine tests, and they’re always tweaking it to stay up with current lab exams. Many individuals also claim that, despite the numerous brands available, Clear Choice delivers the finest results.

Their products are well-reviewed and dependable, and they reward loyal customers with a variety of benefits. Purchase from their official website for the greatest results. 

=> Click here to visit the official website of Sub Solution

#3. Quick Luck – Best Unisex Usable Powder Formula

Quick Luck is one of the most effective synthetic urine products on the market right now. Although it was first released in 1993, it is still highly popular today. 

The Clear Choice drug test, which received two spots on our list owing to its efficacy and simplicity, includes the Quick Luck drug test. Quick Luck is a new synthetic urine kit that includes a pre-mixed, unisex solution that is undetectable and does not generate toxins.


Because it’s simple to apply, effective, and undetectable, Quick Luck is a rapid solution kit. According to Clear Choice, the formula is made up of 11 chemical components that mimic “genuine urine,” even down to the appropriate pH and creatinine levels. The recipe also includes actual uric acid and urea, which may be found in urine.

A unique heat activator powder component in the recipe raises the temperature of the synthetic urine. This, combined with two heat pads, allows your sample to last up to 10 hours – more than a full working day.

It’s one of the most authentic urine kits on the market, and it comes with a practice kit to assist you to learn how the process works.


  • Consistency and gravity are really accurate
  • It is already blended for you
  • A source of heat is included
  • It’s made out of natural urine components
  • High-quality ingredients
  • It comes with everything you will need to get started
  • Simple to use


  • Contains uric acid
  • The brand exclusively ships to the United States and Canada
  • The package does not contain a rubber tube
  • Easily expires

Customer Feedback

We discovered generally good comments in consumer reviews for the product on several third-party websites. A few buyers raved about how well it performed, while others praised how simple it was to use. However, there were a few instances where consumers were reportedly unable to pass a drug test.

Overall, the product evaluations back up Quick Luck’s claim of a “99.9% success rate,” with the majority of consumers praising its fool-proof recipe.

=> Click here to visit the official website of Quick Luck

#4. Incognito Belt – Most Recommended Undetected Fake Pee

It’s only fair that you take drug tests seriously as much as possible. And if you smoke often, you know that a basic cleanse isn’t going to cut it, especially if it’s one of those awful surprise drug tests. Worry not, you can always use the Clear Choice Incognito Belt synthetic urine kit. 

It is perhaps the greatest fake pee on the market right now and for good reason. That’s because, of all the lab-made pee kits on the market today, the Incognito Belt is one of the only products that can accurately replicate the genuine thing.

For starters, it contains all of the “natural” components found in the golden liquid, including urea and uric acid. The pH balance is spot on, and the consistency and gravity of the drink are both ideal. Best of all, after you buy it, you won’t have to blend and prepare it like a pee bartender; it’ll be ready-to-use right away.


The synthetic pee provided by Clear Choice’s Incognito Belt is the greatest synthetic urine, made from 11 secret components, including urea and uric acid. This is due to the fact that it not only has all of the characteristics of actual human urine, but it is also toxin-free.

A bladder bag, a rubber tube, and a heating pad are included with the synthetic urine kit to keep the temperature of the pee consistent with your body temperature. The rubber tube aids in the flow of pee and may be worn around your waist beneath your clothes.

With a wide range of extremely effective fake urine and detox goods and accessories, Clear Choice is one of the biggest and finest synthetic urine kit names in the fake urine market. As a result, we’ve included three of their synthetic urine kits in this article. 


  • Ingredients of high quality that add to the realism
  • It has two heating pads
  • A bladder bag and rubber tubing are also included
  • Equipment is lightweight, which makes it easy to use
  • It’s easy to transport, utilize, and administer when you need it
  • 100% effective and undetectable without using biocides
  • On purchases of $135 or more, shipping is free
  • Guaranteed money back


  • There’s no word on how the urine smells
  • Only shipments to the United States and Canada are available

Customer Feedback

Not a lot of online reviews of Incognito Belt can be found easily. Having said that, this fake pee brand has 28 years of study and expertise under its belt since 1993. The brand’s fake pee is still one of the most sought-after fake urines in the industry. Most customers that did post a review online had only good feedback.  

Users found the product to be extremely helpful and worth the cost after they passed the drug test. With a limited source of consumer feedback, this product automatically has managed to get a high success rate.

=> Click here to visit the official website of Incognito Belt

#5. Urinator – Amazing Kit With Flexible Silicone Heater

The Urinator Powdered Urine package includes a reusable applicator, which is worth the price of admission in itself. This brand is also an expert when it comes to controlling the temperature of your fake pee. One of the biggest drawbacks of synthetic urine is that it can’t always match the exact body temperature. The Urinator was created specifically for this reason. 

Instead of heating pads or powders, the package includes a 9V battery-powered electrical heating device. The Urinator comes with a self-regulating heating mechanism, so you won’t have to worry about getting it to the proper temperature; the Urinator will do it for you. If you still want to be a bit more cautious, the brand offers strips in the packaging that lets you verify the temperature of your synthetic pee before submitting it.


The fact that the heating gadget in the Urinator comes with a digital controller is a huge plus. Because the temperature will be controlled by the controller, there will be no guesswork involved. The temperature is also controlled by a stainless-steel rod in the heating mechanism.

The liquid crystal thermometer may be used to keep track of the temperature. When the sample is ready to be collected, turn off the heating device! 

The IV bag includes tubing to ensure that the synthetic urine is safely transferred to the official lab container. You may wear the Urinator with confidence and do the test without fear of being discovered. The user’s skin will not be harmed by the heating device. It’s kept safe within the IV bag’s mini-insulated blanket. As a result, you will also be at ease during the testing procedure.


  • It’s a reusable device, so you don’t have to buy powdered urine every time you need it
  • It regulates the temperature of your urine on its own
  • There is no risk of anything going wrong because everything is digital and electronic
  • A free sample is included
  • It includes more than one vial of powdered urine for testing
  • The IV bag used to hold the pee is particularly designed to prevent skin burns
  • Detailed instructions make achieving the desired result much easier


  • It is quite costly
  • Powdered urine must be made ahead of time and is not suitable for usage on short notice
  • The device isn’t subtle or simple to conceal

Customer Feedback

Most of the users were satisfied with the quality of customer service that the brand offered. Customers also appreciated that the company provided more quantity than other brands in the market.

The main aspect that customers love about this product is the accuracy of mimicking the temperature of real human pee. Overall, if you have a urine drug test coming up and don’t want to test positive, there are many people online who will suggest you this powdered kit, which will most likely accomplish what you want it to do.

=> Click here to visit the official website of Urinator

Advantages of Fake Pee

Detection of weed is a constant issue for potheads, both legally and ethically. Only a few individuals are aware of the advantages of hemp-based goods. Weed usage appears to impair a person’s capacity to operate clearly, particularly when it comes to mental abilities and physical skills. As a result, most businesses in most nations, including the United States, restrict the use of cannabis and conduct urine tests often. 

While detoxification kits may be able to assist you to cleanse your body before a scheduled test, you may not always have the time. As a result, getting synthetic urine is the best alternative. It’s risk-free, completely failsafe, and widely available — both online and offline. Even if synthetic urine is a little unusual, it’s worth a try, and we are here to tell you why. There are three main reasons why we think synthetic urine is the best way to pass a drug test:

It’s quick

Synthetic urine, in contrast to detoxes and masking agents (which can take anywhere from 3 to 10 days to act), is quick and requires almost no preparation. Some solutions require mixing, while others may be used right out of the package, but synthetic urine can help you pass your test even if you just have an hour to prepare.

It’s simple

Many businesses need you to urinate in front of a tester, but it’s simple to conceal a fake urine bag in your trousers so you don’t get caught.

Some manufacturers will even include a unique tube system that is meant to mimic peeing as similarly as possible, making the operation even easier.

It’s completely risk-free

Because synthetic pee closely resembles real human urine, there’s no way a decent formula could fool lab tests or be identified by e-screen. With improved testing procedures, they can still identify masking medications and detox beverages, but fake urine won’t seem suspicious — the best ones will be identical to the genuine thing in every aspect. 

They won’t know if you hand in your sample and walk out happy. Before sending in your sample, make sure the temperature is close to the normal human body temperature.

All of these circumstances suggest that a diligent cannabis user may roll a joint the night before the test, sober up the morning of the test, submit a perfectly legal urine sample, and resume smoking the next night. Synthetic urine kits are the ideal option for any smoker, regardless of how much they smoke, and they are simple to use and make.

However, not all fake urine is the same. While we covered the fundamentals of what distinguishes good synthetic urine from ordinary fake pee, there are a few standouts out there.

Our Selection Process

Before we go into the top 5 synthetic urine products on our list, let us go through the procedure we used to make our decision.

The first step was to compile a list of the most popular and well-known synthetic urine brands. The initial list was completed after examining their supplier, brand reputation, production method, and customer policies.

We weeded out the unsuitable brands during our investigation. We looked at user reviews for particular goods. After all, nothing explains a product’s genuineness like a first-hand account.

After we finished reading the reviews, we filtered out yet another set of unsuitable items. Only approximately ten brands and goods remained.

By testing the remaining ten brands, our expert team members selected the five that were superior to the others. This is how we came up with this top 5 synthetic urine brand list in the market.

A Few Things You Should Know When Buying Synthetic Urine

Cannabis products have been available on the market for a long time. Because of their recreational and therapeutic qualities, they have grown in popularity. Synthetic urine, on the other hand, is a relatively new product on the market. There are many aspects about it that you may not be aware of.

So, before you go out and purchase your first artificial pee, understand a little more about what it actually is, what types of synthetic pee are available, and a few other criteria to keep in mind to prevent buying the wrong product.

Research about the product thoroughly

Powdered and liquid synthetic urine products are available. Each has its own set of benefits and drawbacks. You should think about them thoroughly before making a purchase. Natural pee cools quicker than synthetic urine. You must keep human urine at the proper temperature so that it does not trigger any red lights when you submit it.

Warming the urine is necessary to make it more realistic. However, do not expose it to direct sunlight while doing so. If you do so, the composition will deteriorate, and you will be found lying. The lifetime of activated synthetic urine is only approximately 6 to 10 hours, no matter how respectable the brand is or how thoroughly you mix it. It will be wrecked after that.

The reputation of the brand

The brand’s reputation should be checked first. We know which synthetic urine brands are performing better than the rest and have a devoted client base owing to their superior quality and service because we’ve been in this sector for a long time. 

You, however, can accomplish the same thing by looking at the ratings and reviews. Check each product’s unique ratings and reviews at this point. No explanation is more trustworthy than firsthand experience with a product.

That’s exactly what you should search for once you have identified the businesses with the best ratings. The evaluations reveal a lot about the legitimacy and efficacy of a product, as well as the brand’s trustworthiness.

Ingredients in the product

The next step is to look into the product’s origins and whether or not the original ingredients, such as urea and uric acid, are present. Most organic chemicals are synthesized inorganically in the lab. As a result, a lot is dependent on processing and laboratory testing.

Testing and production

After that, take notice of the brand’s manufacturing process, from the ingredients used to the filtration, manufacturing, and testing procedures. Take a look at the product’s packaging as well. You should only go to the next level if you are completely satisfied. Look for lab test results, if any are available.

Policies for customers

Check the customer-related policies to get the best product and service from the brand. After all, when you purchase from a company, it’s not just about the items; it’s also about the experience and results. Move the brand to the next round of testing if these policies appear fair and convenient to you.

Read the directions carefully

While some of these goods may be used right out of the box, others will require some preparation before being submitted as a sample. Heating your fake urine to a surprisingly limited temperature range of between 96°F and 100°F is an important aspect of preparation. Aside from that, these goods include thorough instructions on how to utilize them effectively as well as the optimum time to submit your sample.

Maintain a low profile

You never know who could rat on you if you flaunt the fact that you’re carrying phony urine into the testing booth. If you prepare your sample at work, clean up after yourself, and never, ever tell anyone you’re trying to cheat a drug test. All of these kits are tiny and can easily be smuggled into a test, so the only way you’ll be caught is if you do it yourself.

Know what you’re up against

It’s conceivable they’ll test you for marijuana in different methods, so be sure you know what tests you’ll be facing on the day of the test. If your company is too paranoid, you may be subjected to more than one type of drug test, so be prepared. We may have provided you the greatest fake urine money can buy, but they will all fail a follicle or mouth swab test.

Don’t try to be inventive

You could believe that adding some water or your own pee to your sample will help it appear more legitimate, but DO NOT DO THIS. Combine only what the package says to mix and nothing else, even water! These components are delicate and can be harmed by anything other than themselves, so once you have your bottle, leave it alone.

FAQs About Synthetic Urine Kits 

How do we use powdered synthetic urine?

In most cases, the powdered urine is delivered in a holding vial. Fill the larger mixing bottle with it. Add the distilled water just as directed by the kit—in most cases, the package will enable you to merely add it to make the bottle full.

Carefully close the bottle and tighten the top. The next step is to shake the bottle to mix the urine, which also generates the foaming you’ll need for the sample. Shake it until there’s no more powder visible and the bubbles appear.

If there is a heater, remove the paper from the package and open it. Attach the heater to the vial’s opposite side, away from the temperature strip. The urine should be at least 95 degrees before you do the test.

What is the shelf life of synthetic urine?

There are expiration dates on all synthetic urine products, including powdered and liquid pre-mixed forms. This is because synthetic urine has a shelf life of up to two years—and maybe as little as a few months—unopened. The ranges of powdered versions are usually longer.

Expiration dates are always included on high-quality synthetic urine products. This should be followed, and any kits that are too old should be discarded.

The term “shelf life” refers to items that have not been opened or combined. Synthetic urine that has been reconstituted or blended is inherently more delicate and susceptible to contamination.

Store synthetic urine in a cold, dark area for the longest shelf life. Any equipment that has been exposed to high temperatures or direct sunlight is rendered useless.

How are you going to hide the pee?

When you’re going in for a drug test, there are a few options for concealing your urine. The worst thing you can do is put it in your pocket. To make it appear as though you’re peeing, most individuals use a belt with a tube that you may run down your leg.

Some businesses supply the belt, but you may also make your own. In case there’s any checking, it’s preferable to tuck the belt between the navel and the chest.

In theory, urine may also be smuggled through the rectum or vaginal canal. However, such procedures should be used with caution, and they are not encouraged by the industry.

Is synthetic urine detectable in a drug test?

Long story short, a drug test will not identify synthetic urine if you follow the usage directions to the letter. Ensure a temperature range of 90-99 °F, store carefully, and avoid uncapping or freezing, to name a few.

Synthetic urine has the same appearance, smell, and chemical composition as natural pee, and it is simple to use. It also has a longer shelf life than human urine, particularly the powdered variety. To top it off, you can effortlessly maintain its temperature.

However, if you do not follow the instructions in the letter, you may fail the drug test. Additionally, choosing a low-quality brand of synthetic urine may not provide you with the required effects. 14 out of 40 synthetic urine samples tested positive for narcotics, according to research. As a result, the easiest way to pass a drug test is to carefully follow the instructions.

How to increase the shelf life of your fake pee?

You may increase the shelf life of your product by following correct storage procedures.

  • Extremely high or low temperature 
  • Humidity 
  • Dust 
  • Sunlight 
  • Uncapping and exposure to oxygen are only a few of the conditions that might shorten the shelf life of synthetic urine.

As a result, you must pay close attention to the sample while keeping and handling it. Also, keep in mind that, while powdered synthetic urine is more difficult to use, it has a longer shelf life than its liquid version.

What are the signs that your artificial pee bottle is still functional?

Check the boxes on the following list to see if your synthetic urine bottle is still good to use:

  • The odor is comparable to that of real pee.
  • The pH of the product is between 4.6 and 8.
  • When you shake the bottle, bubbles will start to form.
  • If you’re a female user, make sure your creatinine levels are between 0.5-1. If you’re a male user, make sure your creatinine levels are between 0.7-1.2.

Conclusion : Which Synthetic Urine Kit You Should Use?

Overall, what makes particular synthetic urine beneficial is its trustworthiness, credibility, and reliability. If you are unsure whether or not it will work, you should avoid it.

With the greatest synthetic urine, like the ones we mentioned above in the article, you can rest assured. You know you’re utilizing a helpful kit if it’s extensively distributed and used to ensure you don’t fail a drug test. You may also check at gadgets like the Urinator, which comes with three powdered urine kits.

Other less well-known brands may be less expensive, but they lack the required track record to demonstrate their effectiveness. Since the final goal is to pass the drug test, the best advice is to stay with what’s working and has a proven track record, with pricing being secondary.


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