Best THC Detox Methods: Top 5 Ways To Pass A Weed Drug Test


Best THC Detox Methods: Top 5 Ways To Pass A Weed Drug Test

THC detox is a relative term. People perceive in different manners. For some, THC detox can mean getting a detox from marijuana for weeks, months, or even years. But for some, getting a detox can become urgent in a matter of days or even hours. This article is for people who want a THC detox in the fastest way possible. 

Getting a quick THC detox can happen due to various reasons, you may have a job interview in a day or two, or the manager of your firm may demand a drug test with a notice given three hours before the test. If you have found yourself in a mess like this, this article is for you. 

We will educate you about the best THC detox methods that work quickly and help eliminate all the toxins and THC residue stuck inside your system. 

Most of these methods are natural and do not require any substance that can prove to be harmful to your health in any form. Some methods work quicker than others, and some methods are more helpful to work in a better manner when you pursue them for days. 

Whatever the method may be, they are bound to help you get rid of the THC residue in your body, so in that manner, you can pass the nerve-wracking drug test with flying colors. 

Best Weed Detox Methods In 2022

  1. Detox Drinks: Overall Best THC Detox Method On The Market
  2. Detox Pills: Most Popular THC Detox Pills for a Marijuana Detox
  3. Hair Shampoo: Highly Effective Detox Process for Clean Hair
  4. Mouthwash: Customer’s Favorite Oral Detox Cleanse at Home

#1. Detox drinks: Overall Best THC Detox Method On The Market

Most of the best weed detox beverages include minerals and vitamins that may assist in lowering the amount of THC in the body. The Mega Clean THC detox drinks is by far the most effective detox liquid currently available on the market. This drink is a fluid herbal remedy, so to speak, that assists in the extraction of various toxins from the urinary, vascular, and digestive systems by assisting in the production of urine. 

A safe and healthy approach to detoxifying your body and refreshing your body while also supplying vitamins and minerals is to drink a green smoothie. Therefore, this drink not only prevents THC from being produced during that time but also restores critical minerals to the urine, guaranteeing that it seems to be in an acceptable state. In order to prevent failing your test due to dilution, it is vital to do so.

How to use

It is suggested that you ingest this concoction of ingredients for about 3 hours before you anticipate being tested. Despite the fact that the drink begins to work within an hour of drinking, prior customers have agreed that the drink is at its most effective when consumed 3 hours after ingestion is completed. 

Don’t worry if you don’t get tested during this period; this amazing technique provides you a couple of more hours of leeway and is effective for a total of five hours! This drink’s detox is a two-part procedure that starts with a 5-hour detoxification zone in which the toxins in your urine are buried and substituted with ambient elements. The second portion of the program is a 30-minute detoxification phase.

The answer to passing a marijuana drug test with flying colors is to consume as many detox beverages as possible before the drug test. Before you do anything else, you must stop using any kind of THC that you’ve been smoking or consuming in any manner. Every hour that you spend without consuming cannabis, the toxic quantities of THC in your system decrease. 

When planning to consume this detox drink on the day of the drug test, it is best to begin your regimen a few hours earlier than usual.


  • The delicious taste makes it easily ingestible 
  • Works smoothly even if the person is overweight
  • Comes with steps of consumption
  • May work quickly


  • Costly as compared to other methods
  • Dilution of results is possible due to a large quantity of water

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#2. Detox pills: Most Popular THC Detox Pills for a Marijuana Detox

Yes, it is possible to detox in only three simple steps. Because these detox pills are manufactured by the same business that produces the Mega Clean Detox Drink, you can be certain that they may be effective. The pills are just as powerful as the drink, but it is intended for persons who are aware that they will be subjected to a drug test in the near future but only have a short amount of time to prepare for it. 

This is perfect if you use marijuana often and for products that have high concentrations of cannabis, such as vape pens, edibles, and other products. This software removes it from the system. You will be able to take your drug test after the preparation is complete confidently. They can provide you with a blood, saliva, or urine test if you need it.

Among the items included in your shipment package are pre-rid tablets, liquid detox, and nutritional fiber. The liquid is very concentrated, making it an excellent choice if you’ve had a lot of drug exposure. Afterward, it goes into overdrive and begins flushing within an hour of being activated.

How to use

These are the following three steps using which you can detoxify more easily than you could ever imagine

  • Take the tablets with an 8oz glass of water each hour for 5 hours every day for five consecutive days, taking the tabs every hour. Use no more than 15 capsules per day, and never more than 30. 
  • Every day, take your capsules at the same time of day. – if necessary, set the alarm to remind you. Drink 64oz of water every day and eat a healthy balanced diet for all three meals—no processed foods, fatty foods, fast food, or anything else that contains trans fats.
  • It is now time to drink the detox drink. Taking this on the last day of your detoxification will take place two hours after taking the last pill dosage. During those two hours, it is necessary to refrain from eating, drinking, or snacking. Approximately half of the liquid detox will be consumed along with 8 to 16oz of water. 
  • Afterward, you’ll fast for another two hours, and then you’ll drink the remaining half of the detox drink, along with 8-16oz of distilled water. A second 2-hour fast will follow, and then you’ll be done with it. It is also OK to combine the detox drink with orange juice.
  • Now, let’s talk about dietary fiber. You should not do this step unless your drug test is planned within 1-4 days following the detoxification period. If you commit to it, here’s how it should be done: Mix the fiber using distilled water an hour ahead of your test and drink the whole thing in 2 minutes. Wait 15 minutes and then drink another 16oz of water. 
  • After that, you should refrain from drinking any more water or beverages. Pee at least twice more than once in the next hour before taking your drug test.


  • Even if you don’t like tablets, it’s not difficult to swallow
  • It just takes five days to completely declutter your life
  • Suitable for cannabis users who use the drug on a regular basis


  • Requires too much consumption of water
  • Costly

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#3. Hair shampoo: Highly Effective Detox Process for Clean Hair

In detecting drug use, hair follicle testing is a very trustable and efficient mode of drug testing available. Perhaps the most significant explanation is the unusual manner in which psychoactive chemicals like THC react with the hair. The psychoactive substance THC does not instantly disappear from your system once you have finished the high session. 

This substance goes through your bloodstream, reacting with many other substances before resting in various locations throughout your body. It’s no coincidence that the blood that enables our hair to grow also carries medications throughout our bodies. Our hair is one of the most noticeable deposits because the blood that permits our hair to grow is also the blood that delivers medicines throughout our bodies. 

When a hair follicle test is conducted, a few hundred hairs are cut and extracted to determine whether or not you have used drugs during the previous 90-day period. If you want to pass a drug test, the number of drug metabolites found in your hair must be less than the cut-off levels. 

The Aloe Toxin Rid shampoo is now the most effective detox hair shampoo. It may eliminate pollutants from your hair strands’ base, resulting in healthier-looking hair. Even after all these years, Aloe Toxin Rid shampoo remains the most powerful detox shampoo available. 

If you use this shampoo to eliminate aloe toxin from your hair, you will almost certainly pass a hair drug test. Propylene glycol, the principal active compound in Old Style Aloe Toxin Rid, is a potent hair detoxifier that helps to remove toxins from the hair. When you apply the product, the propylene glycol goes into your hair follicles and removes any toxins built up in your hair follicles.


  • May remove toxins effectively
  • Works on all textures of hair
  • Good for the scalp’s well-being
  • Free shipping


  • Not effective on heavy cannabis consumers
  • Costly compared to other options

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#4. Mouthwash: Customer’s Favorite Oral Detox Cleanse at Home

Bottle of infused water on white wood with a slice of lemon , cucumber and rosemary leaf in it.

Luckily, clearing a swab test is less difficult than passing other drug tests because THC does not cling to the tongue wall for an extended period. Unless they are subjected to a random, unannounced test, people may easily pass a swab or mouth test without incident. If, on the other hand, you are aware of a forthcoming test, you should avoid swallowing any type of marijuana, particularly when it is consumed raw. 

Although it is usually assumed that THC is cleared from the body in two to three days, it is suggested that heavy users take precautions rather than risk becoming intoxicated. If your company or whatever place you work in requests an oral drug test, you should consider yourself fortunate since this kind of test is non-intrusive and does not need much preparation. 

Preparation for a test is as simple as cleaning your teeth carefully with floss and swishing around some powerful mouthwash before the exam. A regular mouthwash will not be as efficient as a unique mouthwash that is designed to remove traces of THC from the mouth. The ToxinRid Rescue Wash Mouthwash, which comes in a one-ounce container, is the greatest mouthwash we’ve found thus far. 

You may even bring this little bottle with you to the exam location or to your place of employment and use it a few moments prior to taking the test. Moreover, it has a money-back warranty, which comes with legal paperwork, which is the finest element of this product since it ensures results.


  • Portable
  • May be very helpful in a short time
  • Refund policy


  • High price
  • Bad taste

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Mouthwash

#5. Home remedies

Plain water

Drinking water works great if you are looking to utilize home remedies to get rid of THC that is still in your system. The recommended quantity of water each day (2–3 liters) makes your body dilute and removes pollutants, which is beneficial for overall health. Nonetheless, use caution while consuming excessive amounts of water. 

It is possible to develop hyponatremia by drinking more than 4 liters of water (or occasionally less, depending on your size and health circumstances) in a short period. The science behind it is rather straightforward: Isn’t it interesting how your urine is generally yellowish in color but becomes virtually clear if you consume enough water?

The water in your body is working to lessen the potency of the poisons in your body. It also causes a strong need to urinate since the more urine you produce, the more toxins (THC) are expelled from your system. Water consumption may assist in reducing THC levels in the body if you have a long time before your test, as long as you are careful not to overdo it with dangerously high levels of water. 

This is accurate; even if you have a short time before your test, do not drink excessive water. This citrus fruit is renowned for its capacity to reach even the tiniest levels of THC in your system.

Lemon juice

You can also try out the lemon juice. Lemon juice also contains vitamins that cause you to urinate more often, allowing it to reach the THC and flush it out. To get the best possible outcomes, mix roughly 2 to 3 tablespoons in 500 ml of water and drink it often over a period of time to relieve constipation. 

If you can handle the strong flavor of the lemon juice, you may also drink it straight. Caution should be taken to avoid burning your tongue with acidic juice. 

On the other hand, this strategy will not be successful until you use it for many days. Also, don’t consume more fluids than is suggested since excessive amounts of clear pee immediately before a drug test may seem suspicious.


  • Natural methods
  • Lemon juice is good for overall health
  • No possible side effects
  • Rich in vitamin C
  • May boost metabolism


  • Lemon juice may cause dehydration
  • Constant urge to pee

#6. Cranberry juice

Drinks, whether it’s cranberry juice, water, or anything else, are usually popular advice for those looking to cleanse their systems of THC. So, why not combine the two? Consuming large quantities of cranberry juice will most certainly lead to more toilet visits, but there is also a notion that it aids in the removal of THC remains from the body, with some people claiming effective outcomes in less than a week.

Make certain that the cranberry juice you drink is 100%pure. Drinking cranberry cocktails and mixed beverages contain a lot of sugar, which may actually slow down the detoxification process! While it is not a viable wager on its own, cranberry juice may be beneficial in flushing out the system before the big exam. 

Drinking cranberry juice regularly for a week may assist you in passing a drug test because it accelerates the pace at which the body metabolizes and excretes the substances you may be testing positive for.

When using cranberry juice, you should refrain from consuming any type of marijuana in order to get the desired benefits. Furthermore, in order to get the advantages of the juice, you must consume it in large amounts in conjunction with other diuretics such as niacin.

Usually, you will need to consume regular quantities of cranberry juice for more than four days in order to completely cleanse your system of pollutants. According to some reports, it may take more than two weeks to completely eliminate the THC metabolites from your system. 


  • Filled with antioxidants
  • Includes vitamins good for cardiovascular health
  • Can be purchased in supermarkets
  • Great taste


  • Only 100% cranberry juice works
  • Does not provide a permanent detox
  • May react with medications

#7. Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar can come in clutch when you have a drug test to take without any prior notice. This drink works smoothly to get rid of all the THC residue inside your body. 

ACV may be purchased at any grocery shop with relative ease. It takes a long time to make apple cider vinegar because it entails a sophisticated process that includes crushing apples, fermentation, and the inclusion of acetobacter bacteria, which transforms the liquid into vinegar. 

As a result, there seem to be a lot of claims about its capacity to assist in passing drug tests. In addition to a plethora of health advantages, apple cider vinegar may include beneficial bacteria for the stomach, as well as a wealth of vitamins, minerals, and enzymes that help with weight management, pH balance, immunological function, potassium intake, healthy digestion, and a host of other factors. 

This detox drink is really successful when it comes to eliminating THC and other toxins from the body. Sediment toxins are expelled from the body as a result of the antibacterial properties of this substance.

How to use

All you need to do is combine one scoop of apple cider vinegar with a glass of water and drink it immediately. Following that, you must continue to consume around two liters of water the rest of the day before your drug test. Additionally, you are expected to pee as many times as possible before your test in order to ensure that any contaminated urine is expelled from your body.

The two main reasons apple cider vinegar is regarded as beneficial in natural detoxification are that THC metabolites are kept in the body’s fat cells, which are responsible for their storage. Secondly, acetic acid, the main element in vinegar, is well-known for its ability to aid in the reduction of body fat.


  • May be good for fat loss
  • May cures indigestion and digestive issues
  • May boost metabolism


  • Excess of ACV is bad for the stomach
  • Excess consumption can affect tooth lining

Types of Drug Tests

Urine drug screen

Urine drug test, often known as urinalysis, examines the body for signs of recent drug use. Urinalysis is a method for testing a urine sample for a variety of chemicals. The most popular method is to use an immunoassay (IA) test. 

On the other hand, Urine screening can incorporate a procedure known as GC-MS, which is more reliable and capable of detecting a larger spectrum of chemicals.

The detection window for urine screening is substantially shorter than for hair screening. Amphetamines, for example, are only detectable in urine for up to three days but can be discovered in hair for up to 90 days. 

THC is the only exception, as it can be detected in urine for up to 90 days in strong users. Despite the limited timeframe, urinalysis is more frequently employed in sports and judicial cases due to its accuracy. 

Hair drug testing is currently not supported by the federal government, although this may change in the future.

Hair testing

Companies routinely conduct hair drug tests. These tests examine a sample of a person’s hair to see if they consumed drugs within a certain time range. Around 100 hairs are typically gathered and chopped, with the strands being trimmed as close to the scalp as feasible. The one-and-a-half-inch of hair closest to the scalp is then sent to a lab for analysis.

The hairs are tested in the lab using two different methods: enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) and gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (GC-MS). The hair drug test evaluates whether a person has used a variety of substances in the last 90 days after it is completed.

Breath test

Breath testing is a non-invasive method for doctors to diagnose a variety of illnesses. Doctors can monitor the number of specific gasses in your breath, allowing doctors to quickly and precisely diagnose. The amount of alcohol in exhaled breath is used by alcohol breath-testing machines to compute the amount of alcohol in a person’s blood, commonly known as blood alcohol concentration (BAC). 

When someone drinks alcohol, it enters the stomach and small intestine, where it is immediately absorbed into the bloodstream. The BAC of a person who has consumed an alcoholic beverage can be determined within minutes. After an hour of drinking, your blood alcohol content (BAC) will be at its highest. Our liver breaks down around 90% of the alcohol we consume; the rest is removed through urine and breath. 

The breath-testing gadget calculates the BAC based on the amount of alcohol in the breath. The person’s weight, sex, how much alcohol they’ve consumed, and when they last ate are all factors that determine how quickly and how long their breath alcohol content rises. This method of testing can only be used to test for alcohol.

Saliva test

A saliva sample is collected from the inside of a person’s mouth in a mouth swab drug test, also known as a saliva test or oral fluid test. Employers continue to choose mouth swab drug testing for a variety of reasons, one of which is that they are less expensive than other drug tests. They’re also simple to use (the most frequent collection method is a swab of the inner cheek), and sample collection may typically be done on-site, making them rapid and efficient. 

Testers can use FDA-approved on-site swabs for witnessing specimen collection, making it more difficult to deceive; samples are then sent to the lab for screening and confirmation. Tampering, bashful bladder, and any donor challenge later in the screening process are all reduced as a result of this. Drugs take time to metabolize and travel through the system into urine, while saliva tests can detect use that occurred within the last few minutes to 48 hours. 

As a result, oral fluid testing is suitable for a wide range of tests.

Presumptive substance testing

Instead of testing individuals using biological procedures such as hair or urine tests , presumptive substance tests aim to identify a suspicious substance, object, or surface where traces of drugs are suspected. 

The test involves mixing the suspicious substance with a chemical to produce a color change that will disclose whether or not there is a drug present. The majority of them are now available over-the-counter and don’t require results to be read in a laboratory.

Rapid Duquenois test

This procedure cannot require the person suspected of drug usage to be challenged or informed about the testing. The test can be used to examine powder, pills, capsules, crystals, or organic material, and only a small amount of material is required to acquire results. 

It’s also possible to detect illicit components when they’re mixed with non-illicit ones. The tests are used for broad screening and provide a generic response for the presence of a wide range of drugs, including Heroin, Cocaine, Methamphetamine, Amphetamine, Ecstasy/MDMA, Methadone, Ketamine, PCP, PMA, DMT, MDPV, as well as quickly emerging synthetic designer drugs. Marijuana/Hashish tests are also available separately. [requires citation]

For common screening purposes, there are five primary color-test reagents. When the Marquis reagent is exposed to various chemicals, it takes on a range of hues. In the presence of barbiturates, the Dille-Koppanyi reagent uses two chemical solutions that turn a violet-blue tint. The Duquenois-Levine reagent is a collection of chemical solutions that turn purple when marijuana vegetation is introduced. 

When LSD is present, the Van Urk reagent turns blue-purple. For cocaine base, Scott’s chemical solution appears as a pale blue.

Blood testing

A blood sample is drug-tested to see if a drug or metabolite is present in the body at a given period. These tests are thought to be the most accurate technique for determining whether or not someone is intoxicated. Blood drug tests are rarely performed since they require specific equipment and medically qualified administrators.

Within six hours of ingestion, marijuana can usually be found in blood testing, depending on how much was consumed. The content of marijuana in the blood reduces considerably after six hours. Within 30 days, it usually vanishes completely.

Spray drug testing

Drug test kits that use spray (sweat) are non-invasive. The procedure for collecting the requisite samples is straightforward; there is no need for a restroom, no laboratory for analysis, and the tests themselves are difficult to manipulate and generally tamper-resistant. The detection window is quite large, and it can detect recent drug use in as little as a few hours.

Spray or sweat testing has its own set of drawbacks. There isn’t much variety in these drug tests; only a small number of drugs can be discovered; prices are often higher, and differences in donor sweat production rates can cause ambiguous results. They also take a long time to gather samples and are more susceptible to contamination than other types of testing.

Sweat drug screen

Perspiration patches are used to collect sweat over a lengthy period of time and are adhered to the skin (up to 14 days). When urine testing is not possible, these are utilized by child protective services, parole departments, and other government organizations concerned with long-term drug usage. 

Other surface drug tests look for parent drug group metabolites in the residue of drugs left in sweat. Fingerprint drug screening is an example of a quick, non-invasive, sweat-based drug test. 

This 10-minute fingerprint test is used by a number of organizations in the US, UK, and elsewhere, including employers, drug treatment centers, and family safety services. At airport border check (to catch drug mules) and in morgues to help with death investigations. 

FAQs: THC Detox

Q1. What should people know before taking a drug test?

It’s crucial to know that certain medicines can create false positives on drug tests. Bring any prescriptions, OTC drugs, or supplements (including herbal remedies) to the test. So, the provider can review them and possibly remove any false positives. You may also wonder if a test is required. This is rarely required. If you must participate in a urinalysis, make sure you drink enough fluids to deliver a sample quickly.

If you are worried about a previous drug use test resulting in a positive, know that tampering with the sample or faking the test rarely works. Testing is monitored to avoid tampering, and getting caught typically results in more severe punishments than a positive test.

Similarly, “cleansing” your system before a drug test rarely works. If you need to pass a drug test, abstaining from drugs is the only alternative. If you struggle with drug abstinence, consider treatment. Work and family demands are often accommodated in many treatment programs. 

Treatment programs will also provide options for counseling and support groups. By addressing root causes, you can confidently take any drug test.

Q2. What is a standard drug test?

The standard 12-panel test looks for cocaine, marijuana, PCP, and opiates as well as benzodiazepines, barbiturates, methadone, propoxyphene, Quaaludes, Ecstasy/MDA, and Oxycodone/Percocet.

Q3. What if I fail a pre-employment drug test?

In most circumstances, failing a pre-employment drug test will disqualify you from the position. Companies that demand pre-employment drug tests must make it clear that an offer of employment is conditional on the new worker passing a drug test.

Conclusion: How to Get Weed Out of Your System?

We hope by now, THC detoxing doesn’t seem as hard as it did before you learned about the best THC detox methods. Each method involves different components, but the end result is the same, pee it all out! Sweating is a great way that can further assist you in getting rid of all the toxins left in your body. 

The process of detoxing from THC can seem frustrating, considering you have less time to complete the whole process and pass the drug test. That being said, don’t overdo the methods and end up harming yourself. Make sure to keep calm and pursue the methods calmly and consistently. 

Avoid any type of smoking or drinking or eating marijuana. If your drug test is scheduled in a month or two, just stop smoking marijuana till the day of the test, and you will pass the test in one go.

Follow a proper routine and procedure if you are following any of the methods we have mentioned above. Utilize the methods we have educated you about in this article, don’t feel anxious, and pass the drug test without any issue. Best of luck!


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