Best CBD Oil For Dogs: Top CBD Companies To Buy Hemp Oil In 2022


Best CBD Oil For Dogs: Top CBD Companies To Buy Hemp Oil In 2022

Dogs and pets have feelings just like us. They might be scared, happy, or angry, but the main reason why people are not aware of that is because we speak different languages.

People can not speak dogs’, and dogs can not speak human language, but their emotions and facial expressions tell everything. Those tiny eyes can tell you something is wrong with the emotions or health condition, so we have to be careful and read all the signs our pets send us.

CBD is the most natural and safe product that can help both humans and pets live a happier life and enjoy every day. CBD oil can be beneficial for dogs. The natural cannabinoid can heal anxiety and depression since the dogs can feel it too.

CBD is a federally legal and regulated substance until it contains a legal THC amount of less than 0,3%. Even the vet will recommend CBD oil for treating certain health conditions in pets, so you do not have to worry about possible side effects.

Your dog will be happy and healthy. Keep your eyes on this article and choose the best brand selling the best CBD oil for dogs.

Best Brands selling The Best CBD Oil For Dogs

  1. Holistapet: Overall Best CBD Oil for Dogs On The Market
  2. Pet Hemp Company: Top Shelf Pet CBD Oil for Anxiety
  3. NuLeaf Naturals: Organic, High Quality CBD Oil Tincture for Dogs
  4. The CBDistillery: Most Potent Hemp Seed Oil For Dogs
  5. Joy Organics: Most Popular CBD Oil Tincture for Dog Owners

#1. Holistapet: Overall Best CBD Oil for Dogs On The Market

Brand overview

Holistapet believes that CBD can be beneficial for pets’ health and comfort. The brand offers various CBD remedies and products for pets, so pet owners can help them reduce discomforts and anxious feelings.

The brand has chosen high-quality ingredients and superfoods for its products to boost the efficiency of the CBD. Holistapet’s products are enriched with vitamins and minerals, essential for the overall health and wellness of pets.

Holistapet’s CBD products can drastically decrease the risk of specific illness formation and promote pet health, encouraging a healthy appetite. As any trusted and valuable brand, Holistapet wants to educate pet owners that CBD can replace traditional pet medicines and drugs and give their pets the best therapy.

The brand uses only organic hemp plants, free of preservatives and chemical fertilizers. The outcome is pure CBD oil with a legal THC amount and incredible benefits. The hemp is sourced from trusted Colorado farms that plant and cultivate only high-grade hemp.

Guided by the lack of pure pet CBD products, Holistapet came with a unique product line on the market. Their pet CBD products are more than CBD for pets. Holistapet offers superfood snacks and oils enhanced with vitamins that contribute to maintaining healthy pet life.


Holistapet offers full-spectrum CBD oil suitable for dogs and cats. The oil is boosted with powerful cannabinoids, effective for treating many pet conditions. This tincture comes in a glass bottle with a transparent glass dropper, making the dosage easier.

The oil contains 0% THC, or in other words, it does not produce psychoactive effects on your pet and can not get it “High.” The oil is also free of GMOs, gluten, dairy, and other allergens. This formula is specially made for pets, and it is 100% vegan, so you do not have to worry if your pet has certain allergies or specific food intolerance.

The tincture is lab-tested, 100% of USA origin, including the hemp, the manufacturers, and the sellers. The importance of being 100% domestic product is enormous since the USA has legalized and regulated hemp farms and manufacturing controls.

Holistapet’s CBD oil comes in various sizes. The potency depends on the pet’s weight, age, and health issues. To choose the best potency, you can check the dosage chart on Holistapet’s website.

  • Price and policies

The price varies depending on the tincture’s potency. The 150 mg CBD oil will cost you only $25,95, and the price for other potencies increases with the tincture’s strength. The most potent option is 3,000 mg, and it is meant for pets of over 160 lbs. The price for the most potent option is $144,95. However, the brand offers various discounts and discount coupons so that you can get this tincture at a more affordable price.

 Holistapet offers free economy shipping on all orders within all 50 USA states. The delivery takes 5 to 7 working days, depending on the delivery address. The brand also offers a 30-day refund policy on all opened and unopened products. Unsatisfied customers can request a full refund if the product is not meeting their expectations.


  • Pure and organic CBD oil for pets
  • Suitable for dogs and cats
  • Various potency options
  • Neutral taste
  • Incredible benefits
  • Free USA delivery and refund policy


  • The oil can not be delivered outside the USA
  • The website sells only CBD products for pets

=> Click here to visit the official website of HolistaPet

#2. Pet hemp company: Top Shelf Pet CBD Oil for Anxiety

Brand overview

This brand was founded thanks to Woody. Woody was a 13-year-old gray-haired labradoodle who fulfilled life with happiness in the family. Unfortunately, he passed away because of a benign tumor in his hips. Touching story.

The family of this dog was touched by the loss but, at the same time, inspired to build a brand that will help other pets and pet owners extend their lives. The prescribed medications for Woody did not work, and he began to be weaker, lost his appetite, energy, and struggled with pain. At that moment, the family decided to try broad spectrum CBD oil and see if it could help Woody to return his energy back.

Believe it or not, Woody began to eat again, regained energy, and got up on his feet. But it was already late since the tumor had affected a large area of his body. However, it was an incredible inspiration for the family members to start a CBD business and provide all pets with the needed therapy so they can live longer and stay healthier.

The brand makes its products using domestic hemp from trusted hemp farmer partners. Pet Hemp Company tested its products in third-party labs to prove its products’ safety.


Pet Hemp Company’s pet CBD oil is made of 100% organic hemp plants, extracted using the CO2 extraction method as one of the best methods to make pure hemp oil. The tincture is enriched with Omega 3, 6, and 9 fatty acids to boost the tincture’s effects and benefits.

The oil is boosted with other beneficial cannabinoids and suitable for dogs and cats. The doses vary depending on the pet’s health problem, weight, and age. Important to mention, Pet Hemp Company’s CBD oils for pets is free of THC and will not cause “High” to the pets.

The CBD tincture is 100% pure and organic, free of GMOs, preservatives, artificial enhancers, allergens, and other chemical ingredients. The dosage recommendations are published on the website, so pet owners can easily find the right dose for their pet. The tincture can help with discomfort relief, nervousness, joint and muscle tension, and swelling.

The best thing about this tincture is its neutral flavor. It can be added to foods and drinks, and the pet will not notice unpleasant smells or tastes during the consumption.

  • Price and policies

Pet Hemp Company will offer you a 25% discount on the first order and an additional subscription discount. The price of this CBD oil varies based on its potency. The 150 mg potency comes with a price of $25,95 and the price increases with the potency level. That way, the most potent variation will be 3,000 mg and cost $144,95.

This brand offers free USA delivery on all orders. The customers can receive their products in 3 to 6 business days and pay nothing for the delivery service. To get closer to the customers and give them a guarantee of the product’s effectiveness, Pet Hemp Company offers a 30-day refund policy. In other words, customers can request a full refund if the product is not showing effects on their pets.


  • The brand is founded by a true story inspiration
  • 100% effective, pure, and organic CBD oil
  • Formulated for dogs and cats
  • Wide potency option
  • Affordable prices and discounts
  • Free and fast USA delivery + money-back guarantee


  • Pet Hemp Company has no international delivery option
  • The oil can not treat and prevent severe diseases

=> Click here to visit the official website of Pet Hemp Co

#3. NuLeaf naturals: Organic, High Quality CBD Oil Tincture for Dogs

Brand overview

Founded in 2014, NuLeaf Naturals has become America’s top pioneering hemp brand. Behind this name stands a team of plant medicine aficionados with a vision to expand the market with a new line of cannabinoid wellness products and promote a healthy body and mind state to humans and pets.

This brand is trusted by over 200K customers, and that number is still increasing. Customers enjoy using the safest, purest, and most effective CBD products on the market that are supported by third-party laboratory tests and deep scientific research. NuLeaf Naturals’ products are enriched with multiple cannabinoids and vitamins that contribute to unavoidable benefits for the overall health.

NuLeaf Naturals uses only domestic Colorado hemp from trusted and reliable hemp farmers. The brand extracts the hemp using the CO2 extraction method since it extracts hemp oil in its purest and full-potency form. The manufacturers test ingredients’ efficacy to ensure the final product is free of heavy metals, mold, fungi, pesticides, and toxic traces.

All test results are publicly shared on the website so all visitors, customers, and pet owners can check on them and ensure they buy perfectly clean and pure CBD products. NuLeaf Naturals offers products for humans and pets so they can enjoy life together.


This oil is suitable for dogs, cats, and other four-legged pets. This full-spectrum CBD oil for pets is made with organic virgin hemp seed oil, and hemp extract, enriched with excellent amounts of secondary cannabinoids like CBN, CBG, and CBC. Together, these cannabinoids work better and make the oil more effective.

NuLeaf Naturals CBD oil for pets comes in three potency sizes, 300 mg, 900 mg, and 1,800 mg. How much CBD your pet needs depends on its age and weight. The larger the pet, the more potent CBD you choose. The oil is so pure that even people can use it without warnings.

The brand stands behind this product’s quality and guarantees its purity. NuLeaf Naturals’ CBD oil for pets is 100% clean hemp oil, free of chemicals, fertilizers, GMOs, preservatives, or artificial flavor enhancers. It comes in a neutral flavor, so the pet owners can easily add it to food and treat, so the pet would not notice any bad smell and reject the food.

All NuLeaf Naturals products are third-party lab tested, and the customers have free access to the brand’s lab test results on the website.

  • Price and policies

NuLeaf Naturals CBD oil for pets comes in three potency sizes, and all of them have different prices. The lowest potency comes for $23,99, while the strongest one is $119,20. The brand offers two bundle options that save customers money, making the products more affordable for everyone.

The delivery is fast and free for all 50 USA states. It takes 2 to 3 business days until the package arrives at the customer’s doorstep. The return policy covers only unused and unopened products. The customers have 30 days to use this policy in case they change their minds. Damaged and defective products will be replaced with new ones without any additional cost.


  • Excellent price and bundle options
  • Three potency options
  • Suitable for cats, dogs, and other pets
  • The oil is rich in secondary cannabinoids
  • 100% pure and tested for quality
  • Fast and free USA delivery


  • The oil comes only in a neutral flavor
  • No refunds on opened and used products

=> Click here to visit the official website of Nuleaf Naturals

#4. The CBDistillery: Most Potent Hemp Seed Oil For Dogs

Brand overview

This brand was founded in 2016 since the existing CBD sellers and manufacturers started to offer overpriced products because of the increased customers’ interest in CBD products. This was a great inspiration for this grout of natives that led to the opening of an entirely new brand and CBD line. Their goal was to become a premier source of CBD products and educational articles and guides for all customers interested in CBD.

CBDistillery offers quality and transparency, trusted and proved by thousands of satisfied customers. All the products have specific CBD content displayed on the products’ labels. This brand is certified by the USHA (U.S. Hemp Authority). All products have undergone third-party lab testing, and the results are publicly published and available on the website.

CBDistillery uses 100% pure hemp from three places in the USA, Oregon, Colorado, and Kentucky. The brand guarantees that its hemp farm partners offer high-grade and 100% clean hemp, free of GMOs, herbicides, pesticides, and other chemical fertilizers.

The extraction methods this brand uses to make the products vary depending on the CBD type. The full-spectrum CBD and broad-spectrum CBD are made with the CO2 method, while CBD isolates are made with ethanol extraction.


CBDistillery’s CBD oil for pets is made for dogs and cats only. It is not recommended for human use. Pet owners should consult the vet before giving their pet a CBD oil or other CBD product. This oil is made with cold-pressed hemp seed oil and is rich in natural hemp terpenes.

The oil is available in two potency sizes, 150 mg and 600 mg CBD. Both potencies come in a 30 ml liquid and a dosage chart on the label, so you can easily guide and know how much of the tincture you should give to your pet. The CBD amount in this oil can not produce psychoactive effects on your pet since it is very low in THC content.

The product also features COA from a third-party ISO17025-accredited lab and ACS laboratory. The analysis shows the product’s potency and terpenes contents and whether the specific product passed the test for heavy metals, acidity, or other bacteria presence. Customers can easily access the COAs by scanning the QR code on the product’s label.

CBDistillery’s CBD oil for pets can help them reduce pain, strengthen the immune system, support their digestion, emotional responses, and reduce inflammation.

  • Price and policies

The 150 mg CBD oil comes with a discounted price of $20 (instead of $30), while the 600 mg size is $38 (instead of $44). Customers can subscribe and receive an additional 20% discount and free delivery. They can choose whether they like to receive the oil every 4, 6, 8, 10, or 12 weeks.

The shipping fee will vary depending on the customer’s location. If the customer decides to subscribe, he will get free delivery. Otherwise, he should pay the delivery charges. The brand offers a 60-day satisfaction guarantee on all its products. The customers can try the products and determine if they work for them or not. Customers should try the chosen product for a week and, in the following week, decide whether they want to return the product and get a full refund or keep it.


  • 100% organic and pure hemp oil and terpenes
  • Beneficial for dogs and cats
  • The oil comes in two strength sizes
  • Incredible discounts and offers
  • Third-party tested and certified
  • 60-day refund policy


  • No international shipping option
  • The effects may vary from pet to pet

=> Click here to visit the official website of CBDistillery

#5. Joy organics: Most Popular CBD Oil Tincture for Dog Owners

Brand overview

This brand is owned by a loving mother, grandmother, and humanitarian, Joy Smith. This woman struggled with sleeping and other health issues, so she decided to search for natural support for better body function. She found CBD one of the most natural and beneficial products of nature.

She tried multiple brands and tinctures, but only a few of them were effective. Because the effects were short-lasting or mild, she decided to make her own CBD oil with the best potency, purity, and incredible effects. And that is how Joy Organics was born.

A few years after its founding, this brand rose into the leading CBD brand in the CBD industry, setting new standards for quality, testing, and manufacturing. Joy Organics uses domestic, USDA-certified hemp from local farmers, selling the purest hemp in the USA.

After harvesting, the hemp plants are dried and refined, preparing them for usage. Joy Organics uses only the flower buds, no seeds, stalks, leaves, or stems. The flowers are going into the extraction process. The manufacturers remove the THC from the plants, making pure 100% CBD oil with 0,0% THC. The CBD extract undergoes a third-party lab test in an ISO-certified laboratory.


The Joy Organics’ CBD oil for pets is made with an organic olive oil base and 100 pure broad-spectrum hemp extract. The oil is suitable for all pets, shapes, and sizes. The oil comes in two potencies, 450 mg and 900 mg, and provides fast-acting and long-lasting effects. It comes in a neutral flavor, which is highly accepted by many pets.

The oil can be used directly by dropping a few drops into the pet’s mouth or adding to food. The oil is free of THC and will not get your pet high or cause psychoactive side effects. You can have peace of mind that your pet will feel better and healthy with Joy Organics CBD oil.

The CBD oil for pets is broad-spectrum CBD oil, meaning it is rich in various hemp nutrients, cannabinoids, terpenes, and phytonutrients found in the hemp plant. The brand stands behind its product’s potency and quality and guarantees its safety.

The effects usually kick in 15-20 minutes and last over 6 hours. The brand recommends combining the oil with CBD treats for a more extended effect.

  • Price and policies

We already mentioned that Joy Organics offers two strength sizes of CBD oil for pets. The 450 mg tincture is $44,95 or $35,96 with the subscription discount. The 900 mg size is $69,95 or $55,96 after the subscription discount. Customers can choose whether they like to receive their product every 2, 4, 6, 8, or 12 weeks. The brand offers a 20% welcome discount and additional discount coupons, so the customers can choose the one-time purchase and still get the product at a discounted price.

All orders over $50 qualify for free delivery. The delivery for the USA takes 5 to 7 business days, depending on the customer’s living state and address. Unfortunately, Joy Organics does not offer international shipping outside the USA. But, it provides a 30-day refund policy for all unsatisfied customers. They can simply try the product in the first weeks and determine if it works for them, or they want to return it and receive a full refund.


  • Highly reputed brand trusted by the customers
  • Made with the finest hemp flowers
  • Contains 0,0% THC
  • Does not cause high or other psychoactive effects
  • Two incredible potency sizes
  • Excellent discounts and prices


  • It cannot be delivered outside the USA
  • No other flavor options

=> Click here to visit the official website of Joy Organics

How Did We Choose These CBD Brands?

Made with domestic hemp

Domestic hemp is a crucial factor for entire product safety. Domestic farmers work under strict quality regulations and are Farm Bill compliant, so domestic USA hemp can indeed be the purest and most organic hemp on the market. These five brands source their hemp plants from domestic farmers located mostly in Colorado, Kentucky, and Oregon. These locations are known because of the excellent soil and weather conditions for growing organic hemp.

The farmers cultivate and grow 100% pure hemp, free of heavy metals, GMOs, and chemical fertilizers, so the manufacturers can ensure they get clean hemp for their CBD products.

Pure and safe CBD tinctures

Clean and organic hemp means pure and safe CBD products, which is the case with these five brands. Because our pets have feelings, too, we can help them by adding CBD into their daily routine. Pure CBD means incredible and long-lasting benefits that will make our pets happy and healthy. The hemp source is the first safety standard these brands keep in mind, but to be 100% sure that the products they offer are really free of unwanted traces, they send their products to third-party labs.

The COA (Certificate of Analysis) shows if the product contains unwanted traces or ingredients and proves its quality, potency, and safety. The pet owners have access to the brand’s COAs and can easily check them to ensure the chosen product has been tested and approved for sale and use.

Potency variations

Because every pet is different, and every breed has different characteristics. Some people have small puppies, while others prefer stronger and larger breeds of dogs. However, CBD oil has a different impact on every breed and dog weight, so these brands offer multiple strength variations. People can easily choose the best CBD oil potency for their pets based on their weight.

Almost all five brands offer a dosing chart. The lowest potencies of about 150 mg CBD are suitable for pets who weigh under 20 lbs. The strongest CBD oil potency is meant for pets that weigh above 120 lbs. 

Easy to navigate websites

To help you and other pet owners like you, we decided to set the website’s appearance as a criterion for choosing the best brands for pet CBD. All five brands have a modern and simple website design, provide incredible transparency, educational corner, and are pretty easy to navigate. You can easily find the needed product, read its description, check the policies, discount offers, and more.

Like all other customers and visitors, you have complete access to the products’ third-party COAs to ensure the products are 100% pure and safe before placing an order.

Trusted and recommended by the pet owners

What other pet owners have experienced is the most important criteria in this research of ours. We decided to check the recommendations and testimonials of people who decided on CBD oil for treating dogs’ conditions. All these brands have excellent reputations and high customer recommendations.

The positive testimonials are not just about the product’s features. Overall, the customers are satisfied with the brand’s services, offers, and policies. Some customers even received their orders before the delivery date, which was part of the reason why they left 5-star feedback. We set customers’ reviews as a criterion since they can be more honest and share their personal positive/negative experiences with a specific brand or product.

Factors To Consider When Searching For The Best CBD Oil For Dogs

The potency and dosage

This is the main factor to consider when searching for the best CBD potency for your dog. Every brand offers various potencies since the effects depend on the dog’s weight and size. Most brands recommend choosing the smallest potency for puppies and breeds that weigh above 20 lbs. The most potent options are generally for larger dogs and other pets that weigh above 100 lbs.

However, it may vary from brand to brand. Some brands offer more than 3 potency options, while others sell one or two potencies, so the pet owners can adjust the doses by giving the pet more or less than one full dropper.

Third-party lab tests and certificates

COAs prove that the brand sells 100% organic, pure, and high-quality products. Usually, third-party laboratories check CBD products for GMOs, heavy metals, and other dangerous contaminants. The laboratory also measures the ingredients, terpenes, and cannabinoids and matches them with the label to ensure the product matches manufacturer’s descriptions.

The laboratories will give a certificate for the product’s accuracy and safety by declaring it potent, high-quality, and safe for use. The lab test will also detect THC containing. These products should be free of THC or contain minimal THC amounts of less than 0,3%. But anyway, most CBD products for pets are entirely free of THC content.

Natural ingredients

The CBD oil for pets needs to be pure and natural as CBD oil for human use. The main thing that makes this product more beneficial, safer, and more effective than pharmaceutical drugs and medicines are exactly its natural ingredients. To give your pet effective and natural treatment, you need to check the product’s ingredients. All synthetic ingredients may cause additional health issues to your furry buddy, which is not the thing we want to do.

THC content

Once you choose a CBD oil for your pet, keep in mind to check the ingredient list and the third-party test results. CBD is not a psychoactive cannabinoid, but THC is. CBD oil for pets should be pure and free of THC, so you can ensure your dog will not start to make uncontrollable movements or feel paranoid once the effects fade away.

THC level also determines the product’s legality. Legal cannabinoid products contain less than 0,3% THC. Everything above 0,3% is considered illegal and prohibited by federal and state law.

FAQs About Hemp Extract Oil

Can I overdose my dog with CBD?

Of course, you can not. CBD is not psychoactive or dangerous, even if taken in more significant amounts. As with the people, the dogs might feel a little bit drowsy and tired if you give them a larger amount of CBD oil. However, it is not dangerous for his overall health, so you should not worry about giving your dog a little bit more than it should.

You can notice that you give your dog a larger dose than needed if the dog feels sleepy and has lower blood pressure. That way, you will know that you should give it smaller amounts of the oil the next time.

Is CBD psychoactive or dangerous for my dog?

No. CBD is not psychoactive nor dangerous for dogs. It can not get your dog high since it is free of THC (the cannabinoid that produces the “High” effect). If a specific brand sells CBD oil for pets with THC content, it should not exceed the legal border of 0,3%. Any THC content may cause psychoactive effects to the pet if taken in significant amounts.

Keep in mind to carefully read the label and avoid causing unwanted side effects to your loved furry friend.

What are the benefits of using CBD for dogs?

Cannabis can be beneficial for people and pets in the same way. CBD can calm their minds and bodies and reduce pain and inflammation in pets. For example, you can give your dog CBD oil if it is anxious, aggressive, lacks appetite, has seizures, nausea, or is scared of fireworks. The CBD will calm it down and help with those conditions.

CBD can provide your dog with overall well-being, healthy heart function, healthier skin, and fur, reduce nausea, improve appetite, treat discomfort, improve digestion, etc.

How much CBD oil should I give to my dog?

Depending on the brand’s product and potency, the dose is usually variable. Often, the intake dose is labeled on the product or in the dose chart section on the brand’s website. The pet’s weight and age usually calculates the dose.

Conclusion: Top Hemp Oil & Tincture For Canines

Our dogs can teach us how to love life and share every positive moment with our loved ones. Dogs are not just pets. They are part of everyone’s family, a member, a priceless soul that will give us unconditional love and attention.

We can give them love and care when they need it the most. Including CBD in a dog’s everyday activities may help reduce discomfort and anxiety. Keep your eyes on your dog’s condition and stay alert if you notice something unusual.

Even the vet might recommend CBD oil for treating some health conditions as one of the most natural aids for various health issues. Choose the best CBD oil and give your dog the therapy he deserves. CBD can extend both your dog’s and your life.

Choose health as the main priority in your life.


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